Micro Gesture - Privacy Statement

[Micro Gesture App] (hereinafter referred to as Micro Gesture) takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Statement applies to all Micro Gesture services and may be updated by Micro Gesture at any time without notice as the scope of Micro Gesture services expands. The updated Privacy Statement will effectively replace the original Privacy Statement once it is posted on the website.

Accessibility Services

Motion Gesture uses the Android Accessibility Service, which is explained below:

  1. Micro Gesture support functions such as back, recent tasks, and drop-down notification bar provided by accessibility services triggered by gestures.
  2. Micro Gesture can trigger taps on screen elements through accessibility services, allowing easy one-handed operation of the phone interface.
  3. Micro Gesture do not record and upload any screen content.

Data processing and permissions

You can access Micro Gesture anonymously, and Micro Gesture does not collect any personal information. Micro Gesture requires some permissions involving data and privacy, which are explained below.

  1. Data storage: All configuration data of Micro Gesture is saved locally and will not be uploaded to the server, and when using the export function, it will only be saved to the storage location specified by the user.
  2. Camera: When using the flashlight function of Micro Gesture, camera permission is required, which is a limitation of Android.
  3. Network access: Micro Gesture only requires network verification when activated, but not network access at other times.
  4. Sensor access: Micro Gesture use gyroscope sensor to detect body gestures. Micro Gesture do not save and upload sensor data.

Internet advertising and third parties

Micro Gesture does not contain any advertising services, nor does it provide user information to any third parties.

Disclaimer of Liability

Micro Gesture does not assume any legal responsibility for the occurrence of any of the following related matters.

  1. Any consequences caused by force majeure.
  2. Micro Gesture in the various terms of service and statements set out in the use of the way or disclaimer of liability.

Contact us

If you have requests or questions about the processing of your personal data, or general requests or questions about this privacy policy, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Email: x1y9@hotmail.com